What is it, and what does it do?

Use the Friendsville Precision Dry Fire Device to speed up dry fire practice with your AR. Instead of having to break position to rack the charging handle, the Dry Fire Device allows you to re-cock the hammer by pushing a lever with the middle finger of your trigger hand. Head over here for videos about the device.

Read about Friendsvile Precision and the inspiration behind the Dry Fire Device here.

Key Features of the Dry Fire Device

CNC machined from POM (aka Delrin - same thing they make AR stocks from)

Where do I purchase?

Stainless Steel Fasteners and Spring!

It's simple, follow this link to our store page to buy the Dry Fire Device.

The Dry Fire Device will fit in any Mil Spec Lower 100% GUARANTEED. If a Mil Spec Magazine functions in your AR, but the Dry Fire Device won't, Friendsville Precision will refund your purchase.

What have our customers said?

Read real testimonial from satisfied Friendsville Precision customers here.

Made proudly in the USA

Patent Pending

Created by Joshua Burton Designs