"I received the DF D-Vice yesterday. It is an extremely well made piece of equipment. I spent some time admiring the workmanship of the device. I did get to use it for a 1/2 hour yesterday and it works great, everyone should own one. I also will approach some local shops with the device, i think it will sell itself."




"Got mine today. L O V E it. Quality through and through."




"These Dry Fire Devices are the Cat's *ss, and several folks at a LGS agree with me. I let them handle mine, and all remarked on the quality of the unit.
When I demo'd it in one of the store's rifles, everyone played with it, and agreed it does exactly what Dave says it does - makes Dry Fire practice with an AR exceedingly simple and convenient.

Dave went well above and beyond, when he developed these. When I let him know I was having an issue with some of my lowers, he was right there with a couple of short questions. Before I knew it, he had a replacement in the mail at no charge. You can't ask for better than this.

This has NOT been a paid endorsement."





"Got mine this afternoon. Only had about 5 minutes to play with it. So after 15 I had to put it down
So for I like it."


-6.5 Grendel Forum Member



"Pre Judgement

  • Novelty Item
  • It seems cool, but I don’t [think] that I’d go out and buy one


Initial impressions

  • Simple, Elegant design
  • Well built, but could prove to be to brittle
  • Would consider a slightly softer polymer for the main housing to absorb the impact better if any cracking issues arise


Initial Install

  • Easily installed within 90 seconds without any instruction. Very intuitive.


Initial Use

  • One word: Amazing.
  • It makes the dry fire process incredibly smooth. Allows you to get in an intense focus almost like a state of meditation behind the trigger
  • No more shifting your position to reset the trigger while dry firing
  • It allows you to reset, get on target, and pull the trigger every 3-5 seconds.  It’s said you must repeat a movement more than 1k times to make something muscle memory. In three 30 minute sessions you can theoretically reprogram your trigger pull.
  • It’ll receive a permanent spot in my range bag


Take Away

  • Must have for anyone looking to correct their trigger pull
  • Asset to any serious competitor looking to put in max amount of dry fire reps on a busy schedule
  • Could prove to be an excellent teaching aide in preparing someone for their first range trip"


-Cory Clark








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